About Us

Located in the Texas border city of Laredo the most important inland port. Our primary purpose in services as a U.S. Customs House Brokerage to our clients, is to offer solutions and answers in every transaction to ensure smooth compliant processes for clearance when importing.  This will allow our clients to continue building and developing their business nation wide and internationally. We want our clients to find in every possibility an opportunity in growth and development every time they have a business goal in their commercial trade needs. That’s why we offer as a U.S. Customs Broker House, personalized consultation and assessment of requirements for importations. We feel these will allow our clients efficient processes in their commercial business trade goals. We offer focused client services that built necessary relationship between compliance with U.S. Customs and our client’s business needs providing the services that every client deserves.

On a daily basis, we are working with and maintaining ourselves up to date with governmental regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA and Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) and any other governmental agencies (ex. DOT, EPA ) involved in your importations for fast and efficient clearance. We offer bilingual services both in English and Spanish, which helps to ease communication between all parties involved, an essential aspect to further the progress of processes with U.S. Customs. A combination of all these services mentioned makes way for efficient customs clearance of your importations.

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